Programming on Harbour for Android

I present here one small simple Android application which, however, can be helpful:

Download - sources.
Download h4aFirstApp.apk - ready for installing to Android device.

It is a demo program, but you can create on its basis something useful for yourself. For this we need to rewrite to fit your needs the \h4aFirstApp\source\testhrb.prg ( a source file, written with Harbour ) and rebuild a package h4aFirstApp.apk, using the \h4aFirstApp\build.bat (Windows) or \h4aFirstApp\ (Linux).
But before you need to download and install Java Development Kit - JDK ( don't confuse with JRE - Java Runtime ) and Android SDK Tools. You may install the full Android Studio, but it is not necessary. After installing the Android SDK Tools you need to run SDK Manager и install additionally some components.
Then you will need to edit the \h4aFirstApp\h4a\setenv.bat - register there your paths to the installed products.

Testhrb.prg must contain at least two functions:

Below is a list of additional Harbour functions, which this engine provides:

Even such a simple structure allows to implement useful features - for example, a set of reports on the current status (info about the shipment of goods, the state of bank accounts, balances in warehouses, etc.).
One of menu items may implement the program update - and copy a new testhrb.hrb from some server for using instead of that one, which is in apk - this is alreay implemented here since the Version 2, this is the way as the Update program works. Since the version 5 it is possible to call Harbour functions from the Javascript in WebView, to create a multiline prg strings and send them from WebView to Harbour VM for execution. It is a way to creating web-interface, based on Javascript + Harbour interaction.

And yet another links. Projects on the Github: h4aFirstApp и set of scripts to create for Android. And this is a little tutorial about h4aFirstApp setup from Roberto Lopez.

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