Mouse support for Clipper 5.1, 5.2x applications.

For adding mouse capabilities into your Clipper applications you need:

1. Mouse library - written on C or Assembler set of functions, including, as minimum :
  • M_INIT() - initialize mouse driver for your application;
  • M_SHOW() - show mouse cursor;
  • M_HIDE() - hide mouse cursor;
  • M_STAT() - indicate status of mouse buttons;
  • M_XPOS() - x coordinate of mouse cursor;
  • M_YPOS() - y coordinate of mouse cursor.
2. The replacement of INKEY() function, allowing input from keyboard and from mouse buttons.
3. Clipper routines, using above mentioned functions in
  • Get system,
  • menu,
  • browse.

  1. I have included into this package two mouse modules.

    First of them (clipmous.asm, clipmous.obj) - is a simple module, written by me with Assembler, which I use in some my applications (in DBC, for example). I don't think that it needs any comments, because it's really very simple, includes only registers prepare, interrupt 33h calls and some macros from EXTENDA.MAC (one of Extend system files, included in Clipper package).

    The second module I have found in FIDO conference RU.CLIPPER some years ago, it's written by Dmitry Grinenko. This is more sophisticated program, allowing pseudo-graphical mouse cursor. I include here author's package without any changes, so all comments are in Russian. If you want to use it, you just need to include arrmouse.obj and amouse_c.obj into your link script.
    Mouse function calls are the same, as described above, as in my module, so you can use any of these two modules without changes in your Clipper program.

  2. You will find IN_KM() - the replacement for INKEY() function in getsys.prg, included in this package.
  3. And now about including mouse support into main components of Clipper interface.
    • Get system. There are two ways:
      • writing of a new function, which will replace standart GET statements. This isn't a good way, I think, because you will need to rewrite all your applications.
      • changing of getsys.prg - this is the way that I offer you. Here is changed getsys.prg. You need only include it to your link script (don't forget about above mentioned obj) - and all GET screens in your application will have mouse! Or you may look at changes that I made in getsys.prg and write a better code.
    • Menu. It's a pity, but there isn't such a replaceable module for menu system, as getsys.prg for Get system, in Clipper package, so you need to write your own menu function. I included an example of such a function here, in this zip package.
    • Browse. For adding mouse capabilities to browser you need write your own function, too. It isn't a big problem. If it needed, I can place here my browse function, that I use in all my applications ( in DBC, for example ).

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